The Moment

Bright lovely morning

Light sweet fog mixed with fresh air

Wakes me up from dreams


Daisy smiling, hi

Breeze susurrating gently

Petals fluttering


Dewdrop slide slowly

Leaves wave greeting me warmly

I smile as return


Ramble aimlessly

Whispering with the roses

Then grin together


Walking along bush

Touching tiny shy branches

Like baby fingers


Sit under a tree

Shade dispels brilliant sunshine

leave me a cool place


Write my lovely poem

Remember charming moments

With impressive words


Bird lands on my knees

Ask what I am writing for

Sway head curiously


Touch her head smoothly

Invite her to my shoulder

“Adorable you”


She leans on my neck

Watch me writing a fairy

Fall asleep quietly


Little sweet darling

Takes a nap lightheartedly

With my dreamy dream


Chris 宗瑞琪