Stay Here


It was the only word he could think of at this moment. He could not hear any sound but his breathing and the beating of his heart. Looking around the room, he saw no one. The things in this room seemed so old. A antique covered with thick cobwebs was in the corner. On the left of the antique, the bronze mirror flashed rays of sunlight squeezing from the narrow and small holes in the window. He walked towards the mirror. There was something strange about it. From the valuable light on the mirror, he saw a sculpture of a woman’s head with her eyes straightly staring at him. There must be something wrong.

He walked slowly towards the door. The door opened. No body. It was just the same as the former room. There was nothing more important than finding a person whom he could talk to for he now could hear his beating of heart more and more clearly.

"You are not supposed to be here.” The sound was so clear and shrill.

Who’s there? He looked around the room but found nothing.

"There is no way out."

Where is that voice coming from? He looked up and down but saw nothing.

"You shouldn't be here." A woman who had suddenly appeared behind him said. She looks like that sculpture. No. She was just the woman the sculpture was based on. However, she was in rags, and there was no sign of blood on her pale face. Her body was stiff and gave off a smell of desperation and hopelessness.

"Who are you?" He stood back and gazed at the woman. Now he was wondering how lucky he would have been if no one had appeared. He would rather be alone than stay with this strange woman.

"You can't leave this house…You can't. Stay with me…"

"No! What do you want? What do you mean?" He started to tremble with fear.

"Stay. I want you to stay…ha-ha…" the woman laughed. She suddenly disappeared but the sound was still resounding through the house. "You are not going anywhere. Just stay…like me"

He swallowed hard and ran to open the door. It was still the same room.

"The rooms here are the same. There is no way out…" The laughing continued. He opened another door but the situation was the same. "Why am I here? How could all these things happen? I cannot believe it."

"There is no hope. Don't be silly."

 "No, stop! I need to try." He continued opening the door and saw the same room again and again. He approached the window, but he could see nothing about outside. The smile of the sculpture always made him think of the strange woman. He lifted the sculpture and threw it towards the window. But the window was as solid as before. He tried to find some tools to hammer a hole in the wall. But he failed.

"Stay here. Stay with me…"

He was getting more and more worried. Who are you? Tell me! How can I get out?He couldn't help shouting.

I've told you. You can't.

He started to hammer the wall with his fists. With time going by,  perspiration rolled down from his forehead, and his fists were now covered with the blood. The wall was too tough to break through. He sat on the ground, looking through the room. No way. Finally, he sighed, "It's in vain."

 "Follow me, stay with me…"

He now did not know what he should do. His body was getting stiff. There was no trace of hope on his face now. And it was empty in his eyes. He followed the woman. The woman sniggered and went away, "Come and stay with me…Stay here." The two figures finally went away.

"Wake up! Wake up…"

No one will wake up.









   Crystal   李婷婷