Two days of my life

Day 1: The day I was born

  After feeling electric current through my body, I was glad that I was given life. I was a surveillance camera that had been installed at a corner of classroom of a senior high school. My responsibility was to ‘watch’ the students in this classroom. I stood on high, looking down on this group of students. At first, I could see their curiosity in their eyes. Boys and girls, all of them, are so cute.

  Even though I had no hands, no mouth, no nose, I still felt happy because at least I had a big head and one big eye. That was enough for me. What made me feel happiest was that I was in a classroom. The strong sunlight would not burn me; the terrible rain would not hurt me. I chatted with my colleagues by those electric wires at that night, I could feel they were jealous of me, especially my newest brothers: urban traffic cameras.

  I could feel these kids liked me. I was so delighted I could live with them like a partner. When they were reading or taking a nap, I would always be there. I was ready to enjoy my new life. That night, I had a very good dream. That was my best dream and also my only dream.

Day 2: The Day I Died

  In the morning of my second day, some boys came very early. I was so excited to see them again. Suddenly, I heard someone sobbing. What happened? I saw several strong boys rounding into a circle. Nobody was sobbing. But I still could hear it. I didn't have feet, I couldn't walk around to find the source of sound. I just stood there. “No”, I thought “actually not standing”. I just was there, waiting for what would happen next. Finally those boys went away. A boy stood up slowly, with his slight body. Tears hung on his chin. There still were a few drops of tears in his eyes. I understood. He was bullied by the boys just now. This little boy went back to his seat and lay on the table, burying his face in his arms. I thought he was crying.

  When I was felling sad about this boy, those “circle boys” dashed directly into the classroom with a long stick. Just when I thought they were going to hit that little boy, they surrounded me, whispering and staring at my only eye. Then the black long thing flashed before my eye.  I knew nothing.


Lyra  李钱

Student number:150110431