A Riddle According to My Life

This is a riddle and also a story; read it so as to find the answer.

Hi, I am Norah, living in a wonderful world. If you have to know our nickname, you can call us ”Nature’s Gift “. Everything in our world is vertical. You may think that the visual field is brilliant. Well, bro, I’m at the bottom of this world. By the way; my parents live in the topmost section. We are able to initiate video chats with each other, via our profile pages or the chat window without meeting face to face. Apparently, no one will be lower than us .When it comes to my life, if I was given one word to describe whether it benefits us, the only word comes into my mind is boring- no other can beat out that one. My life is regular, full of endless studying; which I almost always forget is to watch the speeches delivered by people from the upper class, including successful men and parents. These almost make me go mad, Even though I know that everything they do is to encourage us to climb to the upper level.

You ask me what is going on? I have to say that I am a diligent, struggling, and persuadable girl with the normal idleness of most human beings. I have been dreaming of climbing. What concerns me is that those people seem inanimate, not cool. However, I certainly have to admit that I miss my parents; that I greatly desire to see them face to face once again.

One day, with the arrogance that a” natural’s gift” is supposed to possess. I strived for my plan; I got up and went running, hiding my disdain for the upper tier people; however, at the same time, I idolized them for their hard work and sacrifice. Do you know the 800 meters test; the last 400 meters always beckons you to give up. In spite of that, you carrying and emulative mind, and float along. Eventually, I came to my parents.

Then they stimulated me to continue climbing for the sake of broadening vision and fresh air. Reluctantly, I proceeded with my journey; I had no choice but to listen to them, as a habit of 19 years .No one can forecast when their mouth will fatigue.

Nevertheless, my journey became much tougher, and my loneliness was growing. And of course, the spectacular view had been forthcoming. Fortunately, the distance from the pinnacle was shrinking. I stopped for a moment to watch a girl build the usual castles in the air and completely immense myself in her happiness on impulse. I looked up, longing the glittering future.

People living in upper class never stop to admire the magnificent vision; they keep expanding, heightening. Besides, during my pause, Amy, my friend has become one of them.

Alternately pausing and setting out, there are always people jumping down, and become one of those in the bottom celebrating their rebirth .It is all because of loneliness, pertaining to their own loneliness.

That’s it; our country is growing higher, the upper class is also changing .The only thing that stays the same is the climbing..

Do you know who I am now?


Norah 赵英杉