Miss Oblivious

Miss Oblivious has a wish, but no one knows it except her. She has never talked about it with others. And it hasn’t been realized so far because she doesn’t care about anything, just as her name implies.

Today is an ordinary day; the same as yesterday, tomorrow, and every day of her life.

After washing, Miss Oblivious opens the refrigerator; a box of expired milk stands lonely, covered with cold and orange light. What’s more, a half head of wilting cabbage lies and waits for its dying day.

“It doesn’t matter. I can live without breakfast.” Miss Oblivious says to herself. “That’s all right. Or I may drink that milk. It won’t do too much harm to my body.”

She throws the cabbage into the dustbin and opens the milk. She is about to enjoy it when she finds several unknown yellow particles floating on the surface. She stares at it as if she is thinking about something carefully. One minutes later, the milk meets the cabbage again in the dustbin.

Miss Oblivious sits down on the floor and signs into her mailbox. The mobile phone buzzes several times, informing of her the arrival of new e-mail.

“First of all, thank you for sending your application for the position in our company. After interview, our HR team members all agree that you are very excellent, but pitifully, you’re not in accord with our demands of the position. We have forwarded your information in the Human Resources department of our company. If we have a suitable position in the future, we’ll inform of you. Thank you for your attention again!”

“Thanks for your application. Your resume has been received. If we have any suitable positions, we’ll contact you. But if you don’t hear from us in 15 days, it means that we temporarily don’t have a position for someone with your. Your resume will be kept on file. We hope to have further cooperation with you in the future.”

Miss Oblivious reads every e-mail carefully and then deletes them all. She hasn’t gotten an offer, but she doesn’t care. She can continue to look after that naughty little boy, a pupil of grade three. Never mind, she will find a job later.

The mobile phone vibrates again. She glances at it. It’s a message from her boyfriend. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. To be more exact, they even haven’t contacted each other through the internet.

Miss Oblivious sees a photo of him on the table. Memories flash back. She did care about him before. The relationship was everything to her at that time. She was oversensitive and insecure, so she always got angry and quarreled with him. She would laugh when they were together, and she would cry when they separated. But as time went by, she became tired of such a life and realized their love and intimacy were fading away.

Birds twitter in the trees. She comes back to herself and drinks a mug of ice water. The chill makes her comfortable. She picks up her cellphone to check the message, which announces the death of her relationship.

It isn’t unexpected. Miss Oblivious plans to delete the message, just like dealing with the pitiful cabbage, milk, and those e-mails. She pauses , sendingGot itback to her boyfriend to show she has received the message. Then that message disappears.

She stands up and drinks a mug of ice water. Her absolutely empty stomach aches because of the stimulation from the chill.

She says, almost to herself:That’s fine. Nothing really matters

Miss Oblivious calls some old friends. They are usually too busy to talk to her. However, she doesn’t know what to say when the line is connected. So she hangs up, leaving her confused friends alone. She switches off the phone.

The curtain isn’t pulled taut. Bright sunshine squeezes into the room from cracks. Mottled light shifts and plays across the floor. It seems to a nice day though Miss Oblivious doesn’t feel like taking a walk or bathing in the sun. Actually, she has no interest in anything, but now she has to buy some food in the supermarket.

A man ahead of her treads on her toes in the check-out queue. He says nothing because he even doesn’t notice. Miss Oblivious looks down at her white sneakers. There is an obvious shoeprint on it.

She walks with head lowered all way home, staring at the black shoeprint from that stranger.

Eccentrically enough, she finds herself extremely minding the shoeprint. She hasn’t cared so much about something for ages. It seems everything has changed all of a sudden. And when she breathes, something light and sad----no, not sad, exactly ----something gentle seems to move in her bosom.

She is reluctant to go back home now----It is more a house than a home. She is eager for concern and love at the moment. She switches on her phone and calls her mother.

Mom, I’m thinking about having a dinner with youNoI haven’t found a job, but I have already sent in many resumesBut I don’t want to eat alone tonightI just feel tired suddenly. 

“…I know you have little savings. I can earn my bread by working at the fast food restaurant and teaching the little boy. I won’t be a freeloaderI just want to have a dinner at home

“…I have remitted living expenses to Jerry last monthWell, I’ll remit this month’s money to him as soon as possibleMom, could I come back home tonight?

“…Well, I see, then you go. I’ll make a meal by myselfThat’s it. Take care of yourself. Bye…”

Miss Oblivious still holds the receiver to her ear, just hearing deeps coming from it.

The sound seems to tell her that never mind, never mind.

It is Miss Oblivious landlord who finds that she had disappeared when he comes for rent. No one knows where she went with her wish.

But it doesn’t matter. It seems nobody cares.



 Name: Isabel  李佳林

Student Number:150110925