I am able to see ghosts. In fact, I see one ghost only. That is her.

One day, I see her in the corridor of my apartment. She seems to lose her way, circling around with confusion and anxiety on her face. I take a look at her indifferently and then go away.

Afterwards, I see her at the same place every time I pass the corridor. She is always the same, wondering at a loss. At first I am surprised. I wonder how she can bear such chill, wearing a gauzy, white dress in winter. Soon become used to her existence. I start to secretly watch her. She is a slim, delicate, young woman with long black hair to down to her waist, a pale face, and a vacant look in her eyes. I never try talking to her because of bashfulness or other unknown emotions. One day, I see her passing through my neighbor’s body. At that time, I realize that she’s a ghost.

She’s a ghost! Her existence is a secret only known by me! My heart is pleased.

However, one day, I see the young man who lives next door starring at the corner where she stands. My heart beats fast. Does he see her?

Several days later, I find her stop wondering around. Instead of anxiety, there’s a determined look on her face.

She disappears. Actually, she moves to the young man’s home.

The secret doesn’t belong to me, as well as her. My throat is choked with sorrow. I can’t swallow it, and I can’t cough it out either.

Several months later, I go shopping alone on a sunny weekend. Surprisingly, I see her when I cross the road. She’s accompanied by the young man. He holds a big black umbrella, sheltering her carefully. She keeps talking to him with joyful smiles while he stares at her affectionately. What a perfect couple! I turn my head to avoid seeing them.

Suddenly, a car that loses control rushed towards her. My heart stops. In a flash, I forget that she’s a ghost and run straight to her. However, when I stretch my arms to save her, I see her running through my body. The young man is shocked that he drops his umbrella.

The strong sun light shoots through her. In that moment I fall down on the hard asphalt road, I see her crying face in wisps of smoke.


李皓南  Hannah